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Trendspotting: Cat Eye Architecture Strategies for 2023

You saw it here: This season, cat eye architecture is hotter than a McDonald’s coffee. The trend gives us the absolute alibi to try out this affecting architecture address and all its fun variations.

If alone cat eye architecture were easier to apply, that is. The active eyeliner appearance is awfully difficult to get appropriate for anybody except adorableness vloggers and Tik Tokers. But I accept acceptance in you. With the appropriate strategies, you’ll anon be agitation the cat eye like a amusing media superstar. Apprehend on to apprentice more.

Cat eye architecture 101

To get the cat eye look, you use a heavily bistered eyeliner, usually in black, to actualize an continued and affecting baste band — which gives the apparition of a cat’s eye.

Breaking this down, you alpha by cartoon a attenuate band forth the high baste line. As you move appear the alien corner, you gradually access the line’s thickness. At the alien corner, you bend the band up, creating a addition or flick.

Close up of woman's eye with cat eye makeup.

Traditionally, you’d bend the flick so it credibility to the end of your eyebrow. But that appearance doesn’t attending amazing on anybody — so feel chargeless to adapt the bend and breadth of the flick to clothing your eye shape. You can additionally adapt your cat eye with blush and/or eyeshadow (see some inspo on this below). Then, accomplishment with affected eyelashes or a abundant dosage of mascara. 

Here’s the action in bulleted form: 

  1. Decide on the appearance you want. 
  2. Line your high lash. 
  3. Flick the edge. 
  4. Optionally, adapt your attending with shadow.
  5. Add lashes and/or mascara. 

Now, let’s allocution about adorning your address and designing a cat eye architecture appearance that’s abnormally you.

Tips for creating your best cat-eye

Describing how to administer cat-eye architecture is easy. Absolutely applying cat-eye architecture is not. If you’ve approved it before, some of these adventures will complete familiar: 

  • You can’t authority your duke still. As a result, your eye architecture looks like a child’s drawing. 
  • You can’t get even. One eye has thicker liner than the other, so you add added to compensate. You amplify it, again go aback and thicken the band on the added eye. Anon you attending like a football amateur with too abundant blackout. 
  • Eye wrinkles accomplish it absurd to get a bland band and flick. The architecture looks abundant while you’re captivation your eye bark taught, and abhorrent back you let go. 
  • You get it appropriate but it doesn’t last. Two hours into your evening, you’ve managed to clean abroad an absolute eyelid of liner. 
  • You get it appropriate but it aloof looks weird. Something about the cat eye appearance aloof doesn’t clothing your face.

You’ve been there, right? Move on from cat eye fails with these six strategies to abbreviate blowzy or asperous application, smudging, and awkward, aspersing cat-eye shapes. 

1. Use eye adumbration primer 

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Eye adumbration album gives you a smoother canvas to assignment on. It additionally minimizes smudging and the architecture creases that aftereffect from blinking and affective your eye throughout the day. 

2. Try altered types of liners 

You can use a eyeliner pencil, aqueous eyeliner, or a gel liner. A aqueous liner gives you the best control, but is the atomic forgiving. A pencil is the best forgiving, but delivers a softer line. You’ll accept added of a bedraggled cat eye look, which can be absolutely dramatic. A gel liner is the average arena amid a pencil and liquid.

If none of those options assignment for you, try eye adumbration and a fine-tipped applicator besom in lieu of liner. Absolutely use a album in this case, back adumbration doesn’t accept the blockage ability of liner. 

3. Accede your eye shape 

On some eye shapes, a long-winged cat-eye looks awkward. If you’re managing the appliance aloof fine, but still not blessed with the results, this may be the issue. 

If you accept wide-set eyes, try a beneath wing. Or, alike better, skip the addition entirely. If your eyes are afterpiece together, be advancing with the flick — breadth at the alien corners of your eyes will attending beauteous on you. If you accept hooded eyes, accumulate the baste band attenuate and extend the breadth of the addition at the outside. 

4. Try tape, stamp, cat-eye template, or sticker

Unsteady hand? Skip the freehand work. The adorableness industry offers several accoutrement to booty the assumption out of your cat-eye. The simplest advantage is to administer a allotment of affable band at the alien bend of anniversary eye. Bend the band so you can use it as a adviser for the basal bend of your flick. For best results, abode the band at both eyes, analysis for evenness, again get to work.

Alternatively, you can try:

  • Cat-eye stamp: This is usually a gel liner with two applicators. One ancillary is a fine-edged applicator for lining your lash. The added is an angled brand that creates the flick at the alien bend of your eye. 
  • Cat-eye template: If you can’t get your architecture to attending alike on both eyes, a arrangement is your solution. Cat-eye templates appear in two forms. There are reusable elastic shapes that you authority adjoin your eye to adviser the liner shape. Or, there are additionally single-use stickers that you administer afore you draw in your architecture and again abolish back you’re done. 
  • Cat-eye sticker: The cat-eye sticker abstraction is interesting, right? What could be added foolproof than that? The agitation is, the reviews on these articles are actual poor. Complaints mostly say the stickers don’t attending accustomed and don’t break on. So, advance with attention here. 

5. Band with eye shadow 

Perfectionists, this tip is for you. Already you accept your liner about perfect, trace it with adumbration application a fine-tipped brush. The added band smooths out any tiny imperfections, softens the all-embracing look, and additionally gives your liner added blockage power.

Take affliction not to put too abundant adumbration the applicator, though. If you don’t tap abroad balance crumb afore applying, you’ll end up with adumbration dust all over the place. 

6. Abrasion affected eyelashes 

Cat-eye architecture can attending amateurish after a abounding lash. Accede abacus a affected baste or activity advancing with your mascara application. I like the affected avenue with a attenuate baste architecture — this looks abundant softer than 20 gallons of mascara on your accustomed lash.

 If you’ve never beat affected eyelashes before, convenance advanced of time. Or, ask a acquaintance to advice you. 

7. Accept micellar baptize on hand 

Micellar baptize or any affable architecture remover is accessible for charwoman up devious liner and eye adumbration dust. Dip a apple-pie blot applicator or Q-tip into the cleanser and anxiously clean abroad your mistakes. 

Customizing your cat-eye look

1. Add color 

The archetypal cat-eye relies on shades of black. But this season, color-pop cat eye architecture is actual popular. Try experimenting with a brownish liner in argent or blue. Use it on your lower lid and/or aloft the atramentous liner on your high lid. You can additionally outline your wings with color.

2. Go smokey 

A smokey cat-eye relies on adumbration to abate the lines. You can see beneath how @natashadenona has activated a attenuate atramentous liner on her high lid, and again accomplished the addition appearance with affluent amber and gold shadows. Agenda how the lighter adumbration frames the flick on top and is agitated beyond the crease. That absolutely accentuates that cat shape.

3. Agreement with lashes 

Your baste analysis can accomplish or breach your cat-eye. Agreement with mascaras and altered styles of lashes. You can try abundant affected lashes, distinct lashes, glue-on, and alluring versions.

4. About-face it 

You can additionally try reverse cat eye makeup. This address puts the accent on your lower lid.

To actualize a about-face cat-eye:

  • Lightly band your high baste line.
  • Add a thicker band to your lower baste line.
  • Connect the high and lower baste curve with the cat-eye flick at the alien corner.
  • Line the close bend of your eye.
  • Optionally, add a abate flick, angled bottomward slightly, at the close corner.

You can again add blush with shadow, lashes, and mascara.

How to abolish cat eye architecture

To abolish your cat eye makeup, accomplish abiding you accept cottom pads additional micellar baptize or addition affable architecture remover on hand. Absorb the pad in the cleanser, again authority it adjoin your bankrupt eye. Afterwards a few seconds, you can clean cautiously to beat the architecture up and off your face.

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